Barge transport

No traffic jams, reliable, flexible delivery times and a high loading weight; freight transport by barge has a lot to offer for companies. Besides efficient and relatively inexpensive, inland navigation is also more environmentally-friendly than road transport. The barge terminals in the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp allow for the seamless combination of short sea or deep sea shipping and barge transport. In short: inland navigation is a powerful link in logistics.
Barge transport inzetten voor just in time delivery en floating stock.

Efficient and reliable

In the barge terminals at the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp the goods can be transhipped immediately and next be transported by barge over inland waterways. By planning the transport efficiently the barges can in part serve as a storage facility (floating stock). This limits storage costs to an absolute minimum. On top of that, waterways don’t have traffic jams or infrastructural bottlenecks. This makes inland navigation perfect for just in time deliveries.

Barge services

Barge terminals at sea ports create a short connection between these ports and transport by barge, which Cargo Company puts to good use. With our knowledge and expertise we arrange for swift clearance of goods and additional transhipment for inland navigation. Furthermore, we can take care of gas measurements and, if necessary, the controlled degassing of containers. Cargo Company is always looking for ways to increase service and decrease costs for the transport of containers and bulk goods.

Barge transport via de barge terminals van de havens van Rotterdam en Antwerpen.
Barge transport en MVO: duurzaam, maar ook voordelig en efficiënt.

Barge transport and CSR

More and more companies look into Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Opting for a more sustainable form of transport changes logistics processes, but to us this certainly does not equal making concessions regarding efficiency and quality. Transport by barge is both environmentally-friendly and cost-effective. The advantage of constant transit times and a lower cost per tonne make inland navigation an attractive alternative for the transport of containers and bulk goods.

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