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Each transport is different, just like every company is unique. This is why we naturally go for custom-made logistic solutions. After receiving your transport request we perform an analysis. Cargo Company then objectively targets the transport solution that suits your company best, completely attuned to that specific transport and to your company. You then receive our offer in a customized quotation. Clear and transparent. A tailored quotation gives you the certainty that the transport solution offered truly fits your company.
Maatwerk in expeditie, voor zowel wegtransport, short sea en deep sea transport en intermodaal vervoer.

This is how it works

Cargo Company is not bound by or limited to foreign branches, company-owned trucks, specific service lines or distribution centres. Instead, we work with an extensive and high quality international network of partners and specialists in transport. Based on the various options we have within our network, we check how your transport can be organised in the best, fastest and most cost-effective way. As a part of our service Cargo Company not only finds you a fitting solution, but we also check what would be the most profitable option for you.

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