Rush delivery

A swift and client-directed dispatch of your order is the standard at Cargo Company. In the case of a tight deadline we simply take it up a notch. We are here to take care of your rush deliveries as well. Cargo Company guarantees on-time delivery of your express shipment at the requested time and against a competitive rate as agreed in advance. You know where you stand.
Spoedzendingen binnen 24 uur bezorgen in heel Europa.

Fast and cost-conscious rush deliveries

For samples and small shipments we use an extensive European network of couriers and rush delivery transporters. You can rely on ready-made solutions which are available 24/7 for express deliveries across all of Europe. Shipments with a destination in Europe can be delivered within 24 hours. This system is not only fast, it is also cost-conscious, because Cargo Company does not charge round trip rates. After all, your shipment is only going one way, too. You therefore pay a one way rate for the delivery.

Full-service express transport

With 20 years of experience and access to an extensive distribution network of professionals who truly grasp the meaning of the word ‘rush’, we can also organise tailored transport in a short time span. Shipments of 1 pallet up to 25.000 kg can be organised with additional specifications. We can, for instance, provide unloading facilities like a crane or forklift where needed.
Speed is but one factor: you obviously also want your shipment to be handled with care. We therefore only work with partners in transport that set the same high standards we do. We are certainly proud to have many satisfied customers who have been using our express services already for years.

Tailored rush deliveries and express transport - organised to fit client specifications.

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