Reducing CO2 emissions

Cargo Company also organises freight transport solutions you can incorporate into your CSR policy. Corporate Social Responsibility and transport can go together well. In freight transport there are several more sustainable options, such as transport by rail and transport by water. These are more durable transport solutions, but certainly also the kind of transport solutions you can appreciate: well-organised, flexible where needed and reliable. Cargo Company is happy to help you realise your CSR-targets.
CO2 reductie in transport.

Intermodal transport

Intermodal transport and combined transport are more environmentally-friendly than (full) road transport. When you choose intermodal transport, you keep flexibility and qualit, but you ‘win’ reduced CO2 emissions. As a logistics service provider with an eye for sustainability we like to think along with you about the implementation of intermodal transport in your company. In case of a switch to a different modality we organise the transition down to the last details. You can read more about intermodal transport here.

Less CO2 emissions by smart planning

Reduced CO2 emissions can also be achieved by optimizing your logistics chain. For instance, by implementing direct delivery and combing part loads, the number of vehicle kilometres in road freight transport can be reduced. Efficient transport is good for the environment, your company and your customers. Environmentally-friendly choices are often budget-friendly at the same time! Therefore, we think it is only natural to check with each transport request which option would be the most beneficial for you.

CO2 uitstoot verminderen van vrachtvervoer.

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