Customs clearance

Transport does not start moving until all the paperwork is in order. When dealing with the import and export of goods, you automatically also need to deal with customs and the related administrative burden. Cargo Company takes care of all possible customs procedures and ensures a swift dispatch. We are happy to take all customs formalities off your hands, so you can focus on your core business.
Douaneformaliteiten uitbesteden voor import en export.

Import and export well taken care of

With the import and export of goods the declaration of goods is required. This requires specific knowledge of customs formalities, for instance regarding the provision of security deposits and permits. Customs documentation is also relevant for value added tax. It helps you prove you calculated the correct VAT percentage for that shipment and ensures you can claim VAT refunds in other EU countries. Cargo Company makes sure everything is sorted straight away, avoiding any surprises later down the line.


AEO-certified support

With our expertise and experience we take a targeted approach with the import and export declaration of your goods. By using AEO-certification the number of customs checks within the EU is being limited. When combined with coming prepared with the right documentation at hand and immediately applying for the right procedure, the customs procedures become faster and more efficient. This way the delay is limited to an absolute minimum; you or your clients will have the goods at your/their disposal quickly.

AEO-gecertificeerde ondersteuning bij douaneafhandeling binnen de EU.

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