Cross-docking is an efficient and cost-reducing logistics solution. Immediately after delivery at the distribution centre the goods are moved from the unloading dock to the loading dock, without being stored first. This way you can cut costs on storage, stock and transport. Cross-docking is the ideal accelerator in logistics chains evolving around fast moving consumer goods and food. It offers your clients the additional service of short transit times of (fresh) goods and faster delivery times.
Crossdocking - geen opslag en snellere doorlooptijden.

Cross-docking services

Is your company using different modalities? This is not a problem. Cross-docking is also very suitable in logistics chains supported by different modalities. Cargo Company makes sure that the unloading and loading from container to trailer and vice versa runs smoothly and efficiently. Repacking of goods to pallets is included where needed. This goes without saying. With Cargo Company cross-docking is about minimal storage with maximum service.

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