For Cargo Company transport is so much more than moving cargo from A to B; with each transport you outsource a part of your business management. Therefore, delivery reliability and result always come first, but we do more. Cargo Company offers a range of additional services for you to benefit from. Ranging from full-service transport including handling the customs formalities to reducing your logistics expenses. After all, we are not content until you are.

Customs documentation

Transport does not start moving until all the paperwork is in order. When dealing with the import and export of goods, you automatically also need to deal with customs and the related administrative burden. Cargo Company takes care of all possible customs procedures and ensures a swift dispatch. We are happy to take all customs formalities off your hands, so you can focus on your core business.

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Reducing transport costs

Cargo Company does more than transporting your goods from A to B. A standard feature of our service is that we think along with you how you can save on logistic costs. Of course we do this without compromising with respect to quality. With Cargo Company the client’s best interest truly comes first. Freight transport is always moving; often there are more opportunities than you may have realized.

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Intermodal check

Intermodal transport is becoming increasingly attractive. Transport over water and per railway has already become a serious alternative for road transport with distances under 1.000 kilometres. Would you like to have your current logistics concept analysed? With an intermodal check we run through your logistics processes with you and check which options suit your company best.

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Cross-docking is an efficient and cost-reducing logistic solution. Immediately after delivery at the distribution centre the goods are moved from the unloading dock to the loading dock, without being stored first. This way you can cut costs on storage, stock and transport. It is the ideal accelerator in logistic chains evolving around fast moving consumer goods and food. Cross-docking offers your clients the additional service of short lead times of (fresh) goods and faster delivery times.

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Reduced CO2 emissions

Cargo Company also organises freight transport solutions you can incorporate into your CSR policy. Corporate Social Responsibility and transport can go together well. In shipping there are more sustainable options, such as transport via railway and transport over water. They are durable transport solutions, but certainly the kind of transport solutions you can appreciate: well-organised, flexible and reliable. Cargo Company is happy to help you realise your CSR-targets.

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Tailored quotation

Each transport is different, just like every company is unique. This is why we always go for a customised logistic solution. After receiving your transport request we perform an analysis and objectively target a transport solution that is completely attuned to that specific shipment and to your company. You then receive our offer in a tailored quotation. Clear and transparent. A tailored quotation gives you the certainty that the transport solution offered truly fits your company.

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Rush delivery

A swift and client-directed dispatch of your order is the standard at Cargo Company. We are here to take care of your rush deliveries as well. In the case of a tight deadline we simply take it up a notch. Cargo Company guarantees on time delivery of your shipment at the requested time and against a competitive rate as agreed in advance. With rush deliveries, too, we make sure you know exactly where you stand.

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