Intermodal transport

Intermodal freight transport is flexible and reliable. The rail terminals are well-connected to waterways and/or the road network. This allows us to organise intermodal freight transport, including pre and end haulage, with competitive transit times. Cargo Company not only offers transport by rail, but can organise the entire transport door-to-door. Give us the specifications and we will arrange for an custom-made intermodal transport solution for you, completely tailored to the cargo, requested lead time and route.
Intermodaal goederenvervoer per spoor

Intermodal freight transport

Transport by rail is executed with 45’ high cube pallet wide containers. The intermodal rail terminals in the ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp, Bremen and Hamburg allow for seamless transhipment from deep sea and short sea shipping to transport by rail. Next to the rail terminals in the major European sea ports, there are a growing number of inland terminals, which in turn have excellent connections to the road network. The rail network already extends to almost every corner of Europe and is still being expanded. Road transport helps bridge the stretches where transport per train is not feasible. In this way every destination can be reached using intermodal transport.

The cost-conscious alternative

Intermodal freight transport offers traffic jam-free, constant transit times. The loading capacity is higher than with road transport, requiring fewer loading and unloading moments. You lose the inefficiency of empty mileage. The delivery times via rail transport can already compete with road transport on many destinations; the rates are often even more competitive! In short: intermodal freight transport is the ideal way to reduce transport costs for large volume shipments and/or over long distances.

Transport over de weg van/naar o.a. Duitsland, België, Luxemburg, Frankrijk en Groot-Brittannië.
Transport en MVO combineren door toepassen intermodaal transport

Intermodal transport and CSR

More and more companies look into Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Transport and CSR actually go together very well. Transport by rail is more environmentally-friendly than (full) road transport. With intermodal transport you keep flexibility and quality and ‘win’ reduced CO2 emissions. As a logistics service provider with an eye for sustainability we like to think along with you about the implementation of intermodal transport in your company.
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