Cargo Company - Logistiek dienstverlener met oog voor duurzaamheid.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) receives more and more attention and with good reason. Through responsible entrepreneurship we are building towards a sustainable future for our business. When it comes to social responsibility Cargo Company likes to do its bit and has found different ways to implement CSR. We do this both in freight transport and outside the field of logistics.


Transport and the environment

Rail transport, sea freight and inland shipping yield a considerable reduction of CO2 emissions, compared to road transport. As a logistics service provider with an eye for sustainability we favour inland shipping and intermodal freight transport. But we certainly also see opportunities in road transport. For instance through smart planning we reduce truck mileage. We like to think along with you about the advantages and implementation of more sustainable transport in your company.


Cargo Company - Logistiek dienstverlener - verzorgt ook transportoplossingen die in MVO-beleid passen
Cargo Company - Logistiek dienstverlener - Actief voor een duurzame samenleving

Development aid

Cargo Company supports a project by the United Nations World Food Programme in Kenia. In two orphanages disadvantaged children are offered a home and education to improve their chances in life. This project is set up in close contact with its supporters and with knowledge of the local situation, which is exactly how Cargo Company prefers to work. Great opportunities in social responsibility are everywhere. We therefore encourage our employees to participate in social projects and voluntary organisations.

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